Our Team

Meet some members of our team!  We have a growing number of folks that come out to lend a hand – these are some of our regulars!!

Emily Ingram, Creamery Operations Manager

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Emily moved to Chicago to seek her fortune and found that what she really wanted was to be a farmer. She manages all post-cow milk operations at CFD and has extensive food production experience. While in Chicago, she was a successful entrepreneur, running her own local food business for several years before North Carolina called her back. Here at CFD, she oversees the creamery staff, product production, and safety & sanitation.


Omie Wise, Herding ApprenticeOmie came to us with little to no work experience, but plenty of natural talent in her field. She is eager to learn how to be of assistance wherever she may be needed. No doubt she will achieve great things.





Adam Joseph, Herdsman                                              After Growing up in the Appalachians and deciding he needed a change of pace, Adam moved to NC. Staying in Liberty, Raleigh, and now Bahama, he worked all sorts of odd jobs from server to factory worker. Wanting to continue expanding his experiences farming, he came to work at CFD to become a cow whisperer. Adam to this day has not heard a cow whisper, but more or less moo loudly in his ear and swishingly tail swat him. His whispering quest continues…


Lena White, Herdsman                                                          Lena never looked back to suburbia Atlanta after a fledgling move to middle GA; there, she fell into the rabbit hole of farm community and radical activism. Inevitably, vegetable farming led to dairy farming; she still recalls a dream from many years ago: swimming with cows in the ocean. The truth is, cows plastered the walls of her childhood bedroom in lieu of Backstreet Boy posters. A curious majesty within cows and their complex role in food system ecology has always drawn Lena to sustainable dairy.